Help to our members

Help to our members

Dear fellowmen,

As we all know, we are living in a country that faces various difficulties, and lately was added that of the COVID-19 crisis.

After the lockdown in order to subdue the spread of this new virus, the economy of our country has severely damaged. According to CNN, the International Monetary Fund reports that the unemployment rates for Greece in January 2020 were 16,4% and it is estimated by the end of year will reach 22,3% (

Practically speaking it means that, although the numbers of unemployed fellowmen was already high, after this pandemic, the numbers will further increase.

Among the unemployed in Greece we have brothers and friends from different churches. They have various needs such as essentials for living, utilities costs, etc.

As we live in these difficult times for all humanity, our goal is to express our love to our own people, our neighbors, our fellowmen and friends.

ADRA Hellas and Seventh-Day Adventist Greek Mission work together for this cause and we invite all of you to stand beside us in order to reach our goal.

If you would like to help us, please find below our bank account where you can deposit your donation/offering.

We would like to inform you that we avoid the gathering of goods, since their distribution is extremely difficult because of the travel restrictions.

Our bank details:

Pireus Bank
GR 81 0171 6160 0066 1614 4725 231

We kindly ask you at your deposit to write your full name and as excuse “donation for unemployed” in order to receive your receipt.

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